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So back to March 2007 we planted our first 5,000 trees. At the time this was part of our retirement fund but when I came to retire in 2017 I found that I was working more hours than I did before. I'm hoping that the grandchildren will help out this year an indeed at least one wants to be the elf in the Christmas cottage. I don't think in the last ten years there hasn't been a member of the family who hasn't had to dig a whole, plant a tree or dig one out. We have continued to cultivate more year on year and now ten years on we have around 10,000 trees remaining


Apparently Christmas trees are supposed to grow a foot a year but I think for the first few years this is Down rather than Up. After ten years we have a few hundred that are around the six/seven foot region and even though those first trees were all planted at the same time some have grown as much as 11ft.. We have never put any chemicals on the trees or indeed watered them, apart from some weeding and cutting the grass as much as possible we have left them to develop on their own. We have started to shape them a little so that they don't look as rough around the edges but when you choose your tree we are always happy to remove a few branches if necessary.










This year we have around 1,000 trees ready for sale and look forward to you having a wonder around the forest and choosing yours.


Happy holidays

Jane & Kevin Gregory



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