Welcome to Raydon Trees





Q. How much does it cost?

     Our tree's are prices at £5 per ft. Therefore a 6ft tree will cost £30


Q. Do I need Wellies?

     We would suggest you wear waterproof footwear, This is an outside activity and if it is damp or has been their can be Mud. Please make sure you wrap up warm as well.


Q. Are you wheelchair Friendly?

     We are an outside establishment and this is a forest. There are parts that are difficult and their are no defined paths but year on year we hope it will get easier.


Q. Can I get my Buggy around the site?

     It is possible to get a buggy around the forest but this is not easy as their are no defined paths. We are trying to put one through as we trim trees though.


Q. Can I get something to eat?

     We don't have a restaurant on site but often have a few free sweets in the shack.


Q. How long will it take?

     I would expect it to take about an hour. There are around 10,00- trees and it takes a while to find the right one.


Q. Do you have toilets?

     Sorry no public toilets.


Q. Do you take credit cards?

     Yes we do.


Q. What is Tree Tagging?

     We have found that a lot of people want the best tree and want to come early to choose it. Sometimes with the whole family or sometimes without. We therefore came up with the idea of Pick, Pay and collect when you want. Last year some people chose in November and collected just before Christmas.


Q. How long will the tree last?

     Trees that are sold commercially in supermarkets etc are generally imported from abroad and are shipped in October/November and often last for six to eight weeks with little water. Our trees are cut to order and we suggest you water them often. This should mean that they shouldn't drop any needles and be happy trees over the Christmas period.


Q. Do you deliver?

     We can deliver locally but December is often busy for us. Please have a chat when you buy your tree and we can see what we can do.


Q. Are you on Facebook?

     Yes we are on Facebook. We can be found at fb.me/Raydonchristmastrees



RAYDON AGRICULTURAL LTD, Blackstump Cottage, Woodlands Road, Raydon, IP7 5QD

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