Raydon Christmas Tree's

We have a wide range of Christmas trees from 5ft to 17ft suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Come and pick your own or choose from one of our pre-cut trees. We are always happy to see people but please remember this is a Christmas tree forest. Their are no cut path’s or toilets and please remember to wear warm clothes and outdoor footwear.

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October - 30, 31st 10-4
November 1-21 Fri, Sat, Sun 10-4
November 22 - December 19th
Tue- Thu 10-4, Fri-Sun 9-4

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For up to date information, the occasional scilly thing or generally to ask us a question please feel free to get in touch via facebook


Yes we deliver locally. To be a green supplier though ew try to batch up the deliveries to be economic as possible


So back to March 2007 we planted our first 5,000 trees. At the time this was part of our retirement fund but when I came to retire in 2017 I found that I was working more hours than I did before. I’m hoping that the grandchildren will help out this year an indeed at least one wants to be the elf in the Christmas cottage. I don’t think in the last twelve years there hasn’t been a member of the family who hasn’t had to dig a whole, plant a tree or dig one out. We have continued to cultivate more year on year and now ten years on we have around 9,000 trees remaining

Apparently Christmas trees are supposed to grow a foot a year but I think for the first few years this is Down rather than Up. After ten years we have a few hundred that are around the six/seven foot region and even though those first trees were all planted at the same time some have grown as much as 16ft.. We have never put any chemicals on the trees or indeed watered them, apart from some weeding and cutting the grass as much as possible we have left them to develop on their own. We have started to shape them a little so that they don’t look as rough around the edges but when you choose your tree we are always happy to remove a few branches if necessary.

This year we have around 3,000 trees ready for sale between 4-16ft and look forward to you having a wonder around the forest and choosing yours.

Timeline of raydon activity

A 7ft Tree takes about ten years to grow

A real labour of love

A few photo's around the farm

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5-Star Rating
Great trees, fresh from the ground, with a smile and an awesome Elf. Walk the field and pick your perfect spikey tree, you can't get fresher than that.
Adam Gould
16 Dec 2018
We'll be back next year! Worth the hour and half drive
20 Dec 2018
Warm & friendly welcome. Great choice of trees. Wish I’d have found this place years ago. Highly recommended
Mark Shutt
20 Dec 2019


Most frequent questions and answers

Our tree’s are prices at £5 per ft. Therefore a 6ft tree will cost £30

A ft is about 30cm

We would suggest you wear waterproof footwear, This is an outside activity and if it is damp or has been their can be Mud. Please make sure you wrap up warm as well.

We are an outside establishment and this is a forest. There are parts that are difficult and their are no defined paths but year on year we hope it will get easier.

It is possible to get a buggy around the forest but this is not easy as their are no defined paths. We are trying to put one through as we trim trees though.

We don’t have a restaurant on site but often have a few free sweets in the shack for the elf’s though.

I would expect it to take about an hour. There are around 9,00- trees and it takes a while to find the right one.

Sorry no public toilets.

We have found that a lot of people want the best tree and want to come early to choose it. Sometimes with the whole family or sometimes without. We therefore came up with the idea of Pick, Pay and collect when you want. Last year some people chose in November and collected just before Christmas.

Trees that are sold commercially in supermarkets etc are generally imported from abroad and are shipped in October/November and often last for six to eight weeks with little water. Our trees are cut to order and we suggest you water them often. This should mean that they shouldn’t drop any needles and be happy trees over the Christmas period.

We can deliver locally but December is often busy for us. Please have a chat when you buy your tree and we can see what we can do.

Yes we are on Facebook. We can be found at fb.me/Raydonchristmastrees

We have found that as the root’s can go our for mtr’s under the ground it is rare that the tree’s survive when dug out. Therfore it is something that we don’t do but you are welcome to dig it out yourself. 

A few people do this each year. we are okay with this but unfortunately we can’t lend you the tool’s. Feel free to bring your own hand saw(No Chain saw’s).

To give them a chance of creating a positive impact we like the tree’s to be at least 4ft before we sell them.

There have been many studies on this. Because of the chemicals, manufacturing processes and transportation fake trees unless used for in excess of ten years generally have a negative impact on the environment. Where as our locally grown  tree if properly recycled with have a minimal impact.

The local council offer recycling collections in most villages and town in the region. 

We believe colchester zoo accept them as elephant food as well. Possible my most favourite thing.

We want you to enjoy your tree for as long as possible, because of this we always give out care instructions and here is a roundup in-case you have misplaced yours.

  1.  If not freshly cut Saw a couple of  inches off the bottom of the trunk before setting in water. When trees are cut, pitch oozes out and sealed the pores.
  2. Watering is critical. A freshly-cut tree can consume a gallon of water in 24-hours.
  3. Fill the tree stand with water and keep it filled up.
  4. Never let the water go below the tree base.
  5. Trim the lower branches so that you can get more presents under it.
  6. Keep the tree away from radiators or other heat sources.
  7. Decorate you tree.
  8. Photo your tree and put it on facebook. Make sure you Tag us in and add your ID No.(Most likes wins prizes)
  9. Make sure you Recycle your tree when you no longer use it

we suggest you raise it off the floor slightly as the stand will get warm otherwise. Either on a piece of wood or similar to allow fro some airflow and to stop it cooking. Also keep and eye on the water and it should be fine.

We plant more tree’s most years. We try not to infill but to re-plant zone’s or area’s. 

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